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Mullumbimby Action Campaign against Woolworths goes National

Mullumbimby Action Campaign against Woolworths goes National

On Thursday 27th March, The Mullumbimby Action Campaign against Woolworths was featured on "A Current Affair" and also "Today/Tonight" with interviews from outside the Council Chambers. Thanks to everyone who turned up and supported and especially to Meryn Callander who co-ordinated this event. Congratulations Mullumaction! We've had feedback from who say they are "with us".... check out their website for similar campaign. The national networking has begun! Very briefly, Channel 7 arrived today for a two-day leisurely filming--noon
through Friday 3pm. At noon they interviewed Paul, at Edens Landing, and a
few people around town, then took a break. They were to meet Chris Abraham
at 2pm outside Council Chambers. They phoned me at 2 to say they would be 15
minutes late, I said no worries, a small group was just gathering. A few
minutes later, a van pulls up and out come three film crew from Channel 9.
They arrived in time to scoop the story.

They had interviewed several people before Channel 7 arrived. Including
Chris (scheduled to talk with Ch 7) and our totally cool and unflustered
Deborah who had just returned from ³the bush² yesterday, knowing nothing of
what had been going on. The Channel 7 team were clearly shocked, and we now
had two TV crews and a gathering of about 20 people. All a little confused
as to what was happening. To cut a long story short, the Channel 9 team had
flown in on a helicopter at remarkably short notice. An anonymous person had
called the station to tell them Channel 7 was here. Just as they had flown
in on a helicopter, they would fly out on a helicopter and their show would
air at 7pm tonight.

The Channel 7 crew told me they had to leave immediately to get what they
had aired tonight because tomorrow it would be old news--consequently and so
regretfully Helena and Judy and the street scene and the gathering at Lulu¹s
will not happen--tomorrow anyway.

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